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    Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

    • Have you tested your data backup plan?

      Can you get your data back after a fire?

      Is all your data protected?

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    Security & Compliance

    • Did you file your PCI-DSS Self Assessment?

      Will you be audited?

      Are your clients confidential records protected?

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    Cloud, Server & Local Network

    • Are large capital outlays for server systems hurting your business?

      Is your network prepared for deployment of VoIP and video?

      Do you need IP surveillance cameras?

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    Unified Communications

    • Do you need a truly unified platform for communications?

      Can enterprise IM, Video and Voice conferencing make your operation more efficient?

      How do you handle security and compliance when deploying technologies?

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    Digital Transformation

    • Are you using your systems to their fullest capabilities?

      Do you have lost productivity due to manual process?

      Is manual paper filing slowing you down?

Industry Solutions

Technology tailored for your business


Healthcare organizations want to focus on patient care and safety, not IT and HIPAA compliance. AlasConnect allows our customers to focus on delivering the best possible care while being assured that security and compliance and handled professionally.

Law Firms

Law firms and similar professional businesses cannot afford to lose critical information or mishandle their client's case. AlasConnect provides the peace of mind in knowing your technology platform is a solid foundation on which to build your practice.

Architectural & Engineering

Architectural and Engineering firms face increasing challenges in handling large data sets effectively, while also driving workflow efficiency in a distributed, and often remote, environment. AlasConnect is able to provide solutions for sharing critical project files between distant work groups and allowing them to leverage the latest in Unified Communications technology.

Public Sector

AlasConnect understands the challenges faced by Public Sector agencies and local governments, including the specialized security requirements for public safety organizations in handling critical CJI data. Our employees are fully vetted and trained in the latest best practices for protecting your critical infrastructure.


Non-Profit organizations face unique challenges in meeting their core community driven mission, while also containing cost and driving efficiency. AlasConnect assists local non-profit and 501(c)3 organizations meet these challenges with solutions tailored to meet their needs.


Electrical & Telecom

From assisting Operational Technology departments in power plants to helping automate the delivery of telecommunications services, AlasConnect has the experience to help Utilities effectively deploy, manage and innovate with the latest technologies.

Our Services

Handling all your Technology needs

AC Data Centers

AlasConnect's Data Center services will provide you peace of mind in knowing that your data and critical business functions will be safe and available. We manage and take care of all of your IT needs so that you can concentrate your efforts on your business.

AC Networks

With AlasConnect's secure, high-speed, fiber optic network we can offer services that no other competitor can match. Our services include managed Ethernet networks, MPLS WAN, TDM/SONET (T1 to OC192), digital microwave and private wireless networks. We take pride in having the highest reliability and customer satisfaction of any business telecommunications carrier in Alaska.

Information Security

AlasConnect offers a wide range of IT security solutions including vulnerability and risk assessments, incident response, cyber security planning and physical security solutions.

Multiple Data Centers

Geographic Diversity

Digital Transformation

Onsite Support

Remote Support

Managed Hosting

24/7/365 Outage Support

Regional Cloud Provider

Residential Internet

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